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Padbots Are Making the Rounds in Berks County

Robby the Robot01If you are a senior citizen in Berks County, you may remember the days of the house calls, when the friendly neighborhood doctor would arrive at your home with his black bag and oral (or otherwise) thermometer. They say those days are over; however, a new visitor has come calling: the padbot.

What is a padbot? It’s a model of a telepresence robot. Simply put, it’s a mobile robot that can move around on wheels and tilt its “head,” which is controlled by a smartphone or iPad. The little visitor is impervious to germs and viruses, so it is the ideal tool for communicating between doctors and other healthcare workers and patients.


Fun Things to Do to Shake the Winter Cobwebs

seniorandmomSpring has come to Berks County, and we and the earth breathe a sigh of relief. It's time for spring cleaning — clearing the cobwebs from our rooms and from our spirits. There are plenty of simple ways to enjoy spring as you are able, from opening a window and breathing the fresh air to enjoying some outdoor activities. Here are some simple but fun suggestions.


Steps to a More Enjoyable Winter Walk

Kermit in snowWalking is good exercise at any time of year. Berks County has just come out from some heavy snowfalls, the days are getting longer and a bit warmer, and the urge to get outside is getting stronger. Walking in winter can seem a bit less inviting, but there are steps you can take before stepping outside to enjoy the Reading-Area countryside.


Believe it or not, walking in cold weather burns more calories when you walk into the wind or trudge through the snow because of the extra effort involved. The cold air is invigorating and can ease your mind and reduce stress.


COVID-19 and Mental Health Among Seniors

We Got This SeniorsAs the COVID epidemic continues to spread in the Berks County / Reading area, the world shares the same concerns as our area: How do this virus and the attendant restrictions affect senior populations? Ageism plays a part in the reaction to the situation, surprisingly in a few positive ways. One outcome has been that the effect on mental health has had less of a negative impact on the elderly than on younger adults. Considering the higher and more severe physical risk to seniors, this is surprising. Why?


COVID-19 Fears Extend to the Vaccine

Vaccine shot vaccinationThe COVID-19 pandemic has birthed a lot of fears and confusion. Even in the midst of good news and hope, there are fears and confusion about the vaccine. The rollout has had its problems, the question of who qualifies for the initial doses is murky, and the when and where of receiving the vaccine may take some research. Many people are hesitant to receive the vaccine for various reasons. The rationalizations run from people who refuse all vaccines as harmful or unspiritual, to groups who see such intrusions as government or corporate conspiracies to somehow control our lives for evil purposes.


What Do You Mean, “Act your age”? What’s Age Got to Do with It?

Man playing accordianWhen we’re kids, we’re told to “Grow up!” When we’re “old,” we’re told, “Act your age!” Come on, people, make up your mind! Retired men and women in Berks County, even those who’ve retired at Sacred Heart Villa, don’t let age dictate people’s perceptions of them. Grouping people together by age for marketing or other purposes minimizes the diversity and complexity of individual lifestyles.

“If we gathered a group of 65-year-olds, their situations, experiences, and interests would be all over the map. One could be a newlywed, another recently widowed. One might be going back to college, another could be starting an encore career in teaching. One is very happy to be empty nesting, another is happy to have their children and grandchildren move in. One is scraping to get by, another is a millionaire and starting a foundation. And, of course, with many variations and gradations in between” (Ken Dychtwald and Bob Morison,


“Wellness” Is a Deep Subject: What Is It?

Couple-Enjoying-Meadowreduced"Wellness" may be a slightly misunderstood word, but it is no doubt a major concern for older Berks County residents. It is a relatively new word, and is generally equated with the concept of physical health. However, the meaning goes far beyond that, encompassing physical, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, and vocational elements. So, as we age, we may have physical or environmental conditions that limit our activities, but that does not necessarily limit our wellness in other areas. Berks County retirees need not resign themselves to a languishing life.