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Tips on Downsizing into a Personal Care Home or Assisted Living Facility


You’ve lived for more than 50 years in your own, big home. You have lots of valuables, you have furniture, have stuff and admittedly you may have a little junk to discard. You may find yourself asking “How to downsize into a retirement community?” Often times, the move and the stuff is not yours but your parents. This can be even more difficult. We make it a little easier with this list of tips:

1. Get the dimensions of the new space.
This will help you decide which pieces of furniture will work best in the new space. Bringing a huge china cabinet or large couch isn’t the best idea to make the most of the new smaller space. It’s important to bring furniture and pictures to make the new apartment feel as comfortable and homey as possible; however you don’t want to pack so much into the space that its uncomfortable or hazardous.

2. Decide how items not being moved will be handled.
Many people finance their long term care by selling their home.  If your parents are selling their house, make sure you have a plan for the items that will not be moving into the new apartment so your parents are at ease and have a say about what will happen to their belongings. 

3. Get Help; a family members or even a Senior Move Manager.

This can be a lot for one person to take charge of and many items in the home may have sentimental value to you and your family. Siblings, aunts, cousins, etc. may be able to help with the move and see if there is anything special they’d like to keep. 

A Senior Move Manager can help to develop an overall move plan by customizing the new apartment, arranging for disposal of unwanted items, organizing the movers, etc.

4. Have an estate sale.

Estate sales are very popular and can draw a big crowd. There are many agencies who will organize and run the estate sale for you in exchange for a percentage of the sales.  Any items left behind at the end of the sale are often donated to charity. Estate sales are a great way to quickly downsize items that your parent will no longer need and make some extra money.

5. Decorating to ease the transition.
Decorating the apartment so the bedroom looks very similar to your parents’ bedroom will help minimize confusion and create a sense of comfort. 

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