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There’s Still Time To Get Outside!

636220582937954843-Elderly-couple-joggingBerks County is famous for its fall foliage and beautiful scenery, not to mention the many activities available to residents of Reading and beyond. True, the days are getting shorter, the sun is on a tilt, and the weather requires unleashing those friendly old sweaters from storage. Despite these indicators of harsh weather to come, there is still time to get outside and enjoy what’s around you.

Besides the aesthetic pleasure of observing colorful leaves, honking geese, busy squirrels, and people in their fall finery, there are health benefits to walking about and breathing fresh air. This all counts as exercise, and exercise is good for you, as you know! Even if you can’t work out at a gym or fit an expensive, expansive exercise machine in your apartment, you can still enjoy benefits from getting outside or even walking around your building. For people with back, knee, or ankle problems, walking is the recommended exercise. Let’s peek inside your body to see what happens when you are active!

Have you ever taken a walk to clear your head? Walking allows your mind to wander and gives you a mental lift by releasing natural painkillers. It increases the blood flow to the brain and even helps improve your memory. Walking in nature is especially beneficial.

Regular walking helps to regulate blood pressure. Studies have shown that a walking program can lead to better overall heart and respiratory health. It makes those heart and breathing muscles work out with you, speeding up the blood’s delivery of oxygen and elimination of cell waste.

It may seem strange, but walking also improves bone health. When toddling along, you are carrying your weight with you (That is no excuse for obesity!), and that is good for bones. After all, that is what they are supposed to do. Regular walking is able to slow bone loss and help “feed” joint cartilage by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the joints.

Moving your arms as well as your legs tones and strengthens your leg and belly muscles, and your arms if you pump them as you walk.

This kind of simple, accessible exercise can even improve your sleep. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate itself and helps the mind process thoughts. If gaining weight is keeping you awake, walk off those calories! A brisk 30-minute walk burns 200 calories. Over time, that adds up to subtracting pounds!

There are plenty of places to walk around Reading and Berks County, so get outside while the getting’s good! And participate in Sacred Heart’s exercise programs, too!

The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ created Sacred Heart Villa (formerly St. Michael Convent) in 2003 with the vision of providing a personal care home for the Sisters and other seniors of southeastern Pennsylvania. The Sisters renovated St. Michael in order to create 35 personal care residential rooms. Sacred Heart Villa officially opened her doors to her first new residents in May 2004, with space for 57 Sisters and 40 other senior residents.

The facility has two residential buildings, a remodeled dining room, a new fireside lounge, library, café, and beauty shop. The chapel remains in the middle of the facility for it truly is the Heart of the community. Each new residential room provides an individual with privacy, safety, and security in an environment of beauty and grace. Mass is celebrated each day and is open to the public.

Sacred Heart Villa is now accepting residents. If you are seeking care for yourself or a loved one, contact Sacred Heart Villa today at 610-929-5751 for a tour. You can also visit us at