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Hat Trick

beretDon’t let your head go bare on ovember 25—it’s International Hat Day! Certainly, a baseball cap can fit the bill on this holiday, but why not explore some more exotic and symbolic fashions? The fancy, floppy wool beret is instantly recognizable as French. It began as a hat worn by the poorest classes, such as farmers and artists.

The wide-brimmed sombrero may be synonymous with Mexico, but hats like this were worn by horsemen in Mongolia as far back as the 13th century. If you feel a chill in the air, then opt for the Russian ushanka, the cylindrical fur hat with earflaps that can be tied up over its crown. The modern ushanka can be traced to the Russian Civil War when the ruler of Siberia ordered a winter hat be issued as part of the standard uniform.

The fez of the Ottoman Empire was originally meant to be a symbol of equality and a means to show a common national identity amongst its wearers. Choose your hat wisely, for hats from any country are rich in both history and symbolism.