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10 Ways to Save Water (and Money)

Water efficiency is the smart use of our water resources through water-saving technologies and simple steps we can all take around the house. Using water efficiently will help ensure reliable water supplies today and for future generations.


The average family spends $1,100 per year in water costs, but can save $350 from retrofitting withWaterSenselabeled fixturesandENERGY STAR®qualified appliances. Also, when we use water more efficiently, we reduce the need for costly investments in water treatment and delivery systems.

It takes a considerable amount of energy to deliver and treat the water you use every day. In addition, heating water for bathing, shaving, cooking, and cleaning also requires a lot of energy. Homes with electric water heaters, for example, spend one-quarter of their electric bill just to heat water.


With climate change concerns, pervasive droughts, and high energy prices across the country, nearly everyone is looking for ways to conserve resources and cut costs. The good news is that by using a little "water sense" we can all save water, energy, and money.


Here are some tips for conserving water:



  1. Shorten your showers. Close the drain to see how much water you use and adjust accordingly.
  2.  Match dishwasher and laundry machine settings to the size of the load being washed. Eliminate pre-wash or extra rinsing, if possible.
  3. Check all facets, pipes for leaks or unnecessary running.
  4.  Recycle excess indoor water for outside plants, flowers and gardens.
  5. Dispose of tissues, insects and other waste in the trash rather than the toilet to avoid unnecessary toilet flushing. 


  1.  Sweep off sidewalks, patios and decks with a broom or scrub with just a bucket of water instead off washing it off.
  2. Strategically plan landscaping and plants to maximizeabsorptionand drainage. Be sure that plants are native to the area and flourish without the need of additional water.
  3.  Water lawns, plants and gardens in the early morning to reduce the loss of water from evaporation.
  4.  Mulch flower beds to help retain moisture in the soil.
  5.  Raise the lawn mower to keep the grass three inches high. This encourages grass roots to grow deeper and holdsoil moisture better. 

About Sacred Heart Villa

The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ created Sacred Heart Villa (formerly St. Michael Convent) in 2003 with the vision of providing a personal care home for the Sisters and other seniors of southeastern Pennsylvania. The Sisters renovated St. Michael in order to create 35 personal care residential rooms and officially opened her doors to her first new residents in May 2004, with space for 57 Sisters and 40 other senior residents.  The facility has two residential buildings, a remodeled dining room, a new fireside lounge, library, cafĂ© and beauty shop. The chapel remains in the middle of the facility for it truly is the Heart of the community. Each new residential room provides an individual with privacy, safety and security in an environment of beauty and grace. Mass is celebrated each day, and is open to the public. 

Sacred Heart Villa is now accepting residents. If you are seeking care for yourself or loved one, contact Sacred Heart Villa today at 610-929-5751 for a tour. You can also visit or visit us at