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Aging Life Care Professionals®: Guides and Advocates in Times of Uncertainty

Life in the Berks County / Reading area has its uncertainties, just like anywhere else. Although the challenges of living in our area may be somewhat different from other places, there are decisions to make and needs to be met that make seniors anywhere a special group. Life changes, especially those that involve family caregivers, may require the help of educated and experienced professionals who can navigate issues related to aging and elder care. Aging Life Care Professionals® are those specialists.


Don’t Sweat the Heat — Summer Safety Tips to Keep You Safe

The Reading / Berks County area has been hit with several heat waves this year, and forecasters are warning us that there are more on the way. When we think of severe weather events, we think of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Perhaps not surprisingly, extreme heat is considered the most dangerous type of severe-weather event in the U.S. In July 1995, over 700 people died during a five-day heat wave in Chicago. Most of the victims were poor elderly residents who could not afford air conditioning and were afraid to open their windows or sleep outside for fear of crime. Many were alone and so their suffering went unnoticed.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease and seniors are encouraged to spend time outdoors, we would like to share some hot-weather safety tips for older folks and caregivers. NOTE: This article is not intended to provide medical advice. Always consult a medical professional for advice and treatment.


It’s Great for Seniors to Get Out in the Great Outdoors

Building OutsideIt's summertime in the Reading / Berks County area, and the sun and fresh air are beckoning us to spend more time outdoors. Sacred Heart Villa offers an abundance of indoor activities all-year-round (You can see our calendar and newsletter here), but there's nothing like enjoying the beauty of Creation after being cooped up during a winter of cold and COVID!

Our residents enjoy year-round amenities, such as our library to sharpen their mind, a beauty salon to bring out their glow, plus lounges and a social hall for getting together for any reason and no reason. There are exercises for walking and arts for exercising their creativity. Hymn sings and singalongs exercise our residents' vocal cords while word games exercise their wits. We also have a peaceful meditation center on the grounds to allow for exercising souls.


Beware of Online Shopping Scams

online shoppingThe ease and convenience of online shopping have made it the first choice for many shoppers who cannot or would rather not get out to do their shopping, because of health and other restrictions. Sadly but predictably, online shoppers are a top choice for scammers as well. Take some time to follow these guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission to protect yourself and your money.


Delirium or Dementia? There Is a Difference That Makes a Difference

When we encounter memory problems, large or small, in ourselves or others — especially among seniors — we may immediately think, “Dementia!” Because that is a common affliction of older folks, it is taken for granted that it must be the cause of every mental problem.

There is another health issue that can have symptoms similar to dementia: delirium. Both conditions cause confusion and are similar on the surface. Although delirium is not the same as dementia, it can be a sign of a more serious health issue, including dementia.


“You’ve Got Mail!”

“You’ve Got Mail!” Moviegoers and AOL subscribers should recognize that phrase. It is AOL’s option for announcing that you’ve received an email. It is also the title of a popular film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. To many lonely people in Berks County and beyond, it’s a welcome reminder that someone cares.

With the introduction of commercial greeting cards in 1846, the effort needed to express one’s feelings and thoughts was somewhat reduced — the need to compose your own personal thoughts was also reduced. At least, you could sign your own name in your own handwriting.


Tips for Bringing Up Assisted Living with Your Aging Parent

old man angryYour parents have raised you up and provided a home for you. At some point, the roles can become reversed and you could have to find a home for your aging parents. Eventually, there comes a time when they need help completing daily tasks. Whatever your parent's needs, they cannot always meet them alone. That is why solutions like assisted living and home care exist — so people can thrive in their senior years, despite limitations and infirmities. Pride and fear can keep older adults from facing these issues and opening their minds to change. If you're having trouble starting the conversation, here are a few of the best tips for bringing up assisted living with your aging parent.